Hyundai Elantra Won T Start Sometimes

Hyundai Elantra Won T Start Sometimes. The obdii codes stored in the computer can really help diagnose the issue. Find out why your car won’t start and what you can do about this problem.

Hyundai Sonata won't start causes and how to fix it from

13.the most common causes that hinders normal starting operation of your hyundai elantra are dead key fob battery, dead 12v battery, corrosion on battery terminals, bad alternator, clogged fuel filter, broken starter, blown fuse, empty gas tank, immobilizer error or any fault in the electrical system. My car dosent start sometimes it cranks but dosent start.i've had the oil changed,. The 2013 hyundai elantra car makes a clicking noise but won’t start:

Average Failure Mileage Is 75,000 Miles.

Hyundai elantra won't start sometimes 22,000 miles on it and in the last 3 weeks i go to get in my car and i can’t get in using the press button or fob. I have to remove key from fob to get in to car.

Ruzel From United States 4 Years Ago.

Hyundai elantra owners have reported 51 problems related to car will not start (under the electrical system category). You may be out of fuel, or the fuel isn’t getting to your engine. 15 attempts, it finally started.

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Sometimes Your Battery Might Have Enough Charge To Make The Clicking Noise, But This Charge Depletes Immediately After The Starter Requests Some Electrical Current.

While driving the engine in our elantra just dies. Let me state at this time that i'm not too familiar with all the components under my hood but i am a quick learner. The dash lights would illuminate, but the car wouldn't start or even try to turn over.

Now I Tried To Hop In And Drive But The Engine Cranks With Lots Of Shaking And Shimmying Like It's Trying To Roar To Life But It Won't Start.

Notifications clear all 2013 hyundai elantra 89,000 miles cranks but won’t start last post rss. The obdii codes stored in the computer can really help diagnose the issue. 2011 hyundai elantra everything works but won't start clicks just once then nothing.

29.The 1997 Hyundai Elantra Has 1 Problems Reported For Won't Start Intermittently.

The problem with your car is straightforward. Battery relays won't start starter starting. Engine will crank over but won't start sometimes sometimes it cranks over and it starts and runs.

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